Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My dream being realized

This week was the start of another intensive training time for the monitors (pastor trainers) of our Bible and Leadership training program we call SBF or Faith Bible Seminary Mozambique. Although I have titled this blog entry “My dream”, I am fully aware that this has really been my Heavenly Father’s dream and that he put this very same dream and calling in the hearts of numerous others who He has brought together to help realize the dream. If I start mentioning names here, I will never complete this blog!

As we gathered for prayer on Monday morning at 6:30AM with our monitors, it was freezing cold (around 8 degrees C with no heating at all!) but it was also both exciting and incredibly fulfilling to participate in the prayer and hear the 3 minute challenge by Pastor Pires on Psalm 42:1 “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.” He shared on the strength that only God can give for each day and each challenge in ministry.

This morning as we gathered again, and following a time of corporate prayer, Pastor Chico Inacio from Tete shared on Jesus words, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays his life down for the sheep.” As he contrasted the good shepherd to the hired hand, his challenge was that we all continue to remember we are called to lay down our lives for His sheep, as He laid down His life for us.” Following this Pastor Eliah led us in a time of prayer and then silent waiting on the Lord and invited anyone to share what they felt the Holy Spirit was laying on their heart. Shortly Pastor Ricardo, our coordinator, shared that he felt God was saying that as pastors and leaders we needed to make sure we place value on the women and children God had entrusted to our care. This was followed again by a time of passionate prayer as each pastor asked God to soften his heart for the needs of the women and children. I was so moved to watch as God spoke to His under-shepherds!

When we launched out and started our first extension schools along the Zambezi river (early 2000) in the Tete province of Mozambique, I was concerned about the distance and the lack of consistent direct input we would have in the lives of those we were going to take responsibility to train. God reminded me in His own clear way, that His Holy Spirit and His Word were a powerful combination and I could rely on Him to do more than we ever could, but reminded me that He had called us to partner. That was when we decided to launch out and now God is doing more than we could have ever asked or imagined and the impact is growing each year.

The impact is growing not only due to the numbers of those being trained, it is growing due to the maturity, confidence and Holy Spirit empowered efforts of leaders who have walked with us for 9 years. Pastor Pires Williamo gave an amazing report today of how each aspect of this effort has impacted the government officials in Sinjal (his village) as they have witnessed not only leaders being trained, but the orphan program started, and now more recently a women’s ministry focusing on Bible, health and literacy taking off.

I can only say how honored I am to be here in Mozambique, and after 16 years of slugging, to see God working in such awesome ways in lives. Not only so, but He has blessed us with a team of awesome people committed to serving one another and the people of Mozambique as we love God and love them so they have the chance to experience the Father’s love and come to participate with him in loving their world.

If you read this entry this week, please pray for us as we share our hearts and God’s Word and do our best to encourage these amazing servants. Also pray for their families and their communities and the overwhelming number of challenges they face as they return and in turn teach, lead, train and encourage their fellow pastors and communities.

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